Alfred Deller - The Miller of the Dee

Alfred Deller - The Miller of the Dee

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Текст песни The Miller of Dee - The City Waites

There dwelt a miller, hale and bold, beside the river Dee
He danced and sang from morn till night, no lark so blithe as he
And this the burden of his song forever used to be -
"I care for nobody, no not I, if nobody cares for me.
"I live by my mill, God bless her she's kindred, child, and wife
I would not change my station for any other in life
No lawyer, surgeon, or doctor e'er had a groat from me
I care for nobody, no not I if nobody cares for me."
When spring begins his merry career, oh, how his heart grows gay
No summer's drought alarms his fear, nor winter's cold decay
No foresight mars the miller's joy, who's wont to sing and say,
"Let others toil from year to year, I live from day to day."
Thus, like the miller, bold and free, let us rejoice and sing
The days of youth are made for glee, and time is on the wing
This song shall pass from me to thee, along the jovial ring
Let heart and voice and all agree to say, "Long live the king."

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